2Pcs Foldable Underwear Socks Storage Box


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Material: Non-woven fabric
Color: Grey
Length: 32.5 cm(12.79 inch)
Width: 15.5 cm(6.10 inch)
Height: 9.2 cm(3.62 inch)
– Great ideal for organising lingerie, underwear, underpant, bra, socks, scarf, ties.
– Varied size and flexible.
– The whole boxes are made of non-woven fabric, which is moth-proof, mould-proof, moisture-proof, and very durable
– Provides attractive, lightweight solution to many personal storage needs
– Do not store wet items
– Non-woven material, please don’t pull it too hard, otherwise it will tear
– Do not hit the storage box strongly, or place too heavy things on the bottom. The core may be damaged due to breakage.
– Do not force too much or too heavy items
– Can’t be washed, if it’s dirty, please wipe it with a soft wipe.
– Do not place in direct sunlight or moisture.
– Do not get close to fireworks
– Do not use outside of the original use
Package Included:
1 x Foldable Drawer Organiser
1 x Foldable Socks Organiser


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