Color Hose Sub-Bottle Travel Portable Empty Bottle Travel Set Cosmetics Sub-Bottle


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1. Travel sub-bottle, three-piece, professional for sub-assembly,
wear-resistant and durable, can be recycled, environmentally friendly without odor.
2. Gently squeeze without any effort, color, transparency, durability, recyclability and cleaning, there is always a favorite.
3. Small and light, can be carried on the plane, using environmentally friendly materials,
original environmentally friendly materials, easy to squeeze, will not be deformed.
4. Leak-proof design prevents liquid leakage or spillage and protects your luggage and clothing.
The shape of the bottle won’t get stuck in the bottle, helping you get the final solution without wasting it.

Material: Plastic.
Color: Blue, PIink, White.
Package Included: 3x hose-type bottled travel package.

Size :
Lengthxheight(cm / inch): 31x123mm.

Please Note:
1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
2. Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration. Thanks for understanding!


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