jia Silicone Portable Zippered Storage Pouch Bag Lightweight Wallet


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Name: Silicone Storage Bag
Color: Pink / Grey
Material: Silicone
Dimension: 120*90*25mm
Product Netweight: 70g
1. Silica gel surface type skin feels, soft and skin-friendly, as soft as baby skin, so that you can’t put it down.
2. The body of the bag uses full silica gel material, which can effectively cushion the potential damage to objects such as collision and scraping, and protect the inside and outside of the bag.
3. The silicone shell is resistant to abrasion, stain and stain on the surface, and easy to clean. The zipper is covered under the waterproof material, which can effectively waterproof and splash, so as to avoid wet internal articles.
4. Whether it’s commuting, shopping or traveling, a bag will suit your different travel needs.
5. Extremely simplified flat design, the package body integrated shape, easy to hold and carry out to save storage space, size as an adult palm, comfortable to hold, easy to carry.
6. Light and senseless, only 70 g weight, will not add to your burden.
7. Easy to open and close, smooth, ring pull, close your finger smooth zipper, easy to pull to the end of the comfortable labor.
Package Included:
1 x Silicone Pouch


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