NatureHike Quick-drying Microfiber Towel Outdoor Travel Antibacterial Sport Towel


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This quick-drying towel is made of microfiber which have a quick-drying and antibacterial effect. Suitable for bathroom towel, outdoor sports, hiking, travel supplies or etc.

Brand: NatureHike-NH
Material: microfiber
Color: army green, blue, rose red
Size: 80x40cm, 130x75cm
Type: face towel, bath towel
Use: home, hotel, sports, beach, airplane, gift

Comfortable tactility, does not hurt the skin
Super light super soft, receive a simple
Super absorbent, quick-drying, antibacterial
High water absorption, strong detergency, do nott shed hair, do not rub off

Maintenance Method:
1. Please keep dryness and ventilation, avoid too much moistly, to prevent the bacterium to multiply.
2. Do not bleach, to avoid harm skin health and keep its color good.
3. Towel should be replaced every three to six months – or sooner if the towel become frayed.

Package Include:
1 X quick-drying towel


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